07 July 2017



Today is my official Unbirthday. Yay me! For years I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday, because all my childhood trauma weighed too much and it simply had become a day I felt sick and scared. So, a couple of years ago my best friend suggested I picked a new date to celebrate. A date that was free of any negative association. I chose 7-7 to be my new date and in the style of Alice in Wonderland, I called it my unbirthday. It totally suited my new position towards life in general and my survivorship in special.

You know what they say, a party without cupcakes is just a meeting. So I’m sharing this imaginary cupcake with you. And while I’m writing this blogpost, I’m thinking what’s the fun of celebrating when I’m the only one having cake. You sure want a taste of it too, right? So, I’ll put this post in draft and work out something for you to have. While I’m working on that, you may want to have a look at what I’ve been creating.


I started with adding some paints to the canvas using my fingers. I love the complete contact with the media I’m using and I also feel I have more controll. Next I added some texture using stencils, stamping, doodling…anything that comes to mind or my eyes spot on my working table. Ater that I traced a sketch from my sketchbook with tissuepaper and a waterproof pen (Pigma Micron), I heat set it to make sure it was completely dry before gluing it to the canvas with Matte Medium (any decoupage kind of glue’ll work).


Next I coloured the cupcake with paints (Amsterdam acrylics).


Finally I added some random background stamping to give it a more playful look. Also I splattered some thinned down white paint with a fan brush (make sure you’re area is free of stuff you don’t want covered in paint splatters).

Truth must be said. I didn’t make this recently. When the Craftorij shop in Ede, The Netherlands celbrated their sixth birhday, I made this as a present. It’s such a bummer shortly after that Lia decided that six years of tremendously hard work was enough. She wanted to spend more time with her family and who could blame her. I’m happy I had the chance to experience the fun of at least one live workshop (I’ll make a blogpost about that soon).

So, now my present for you, dear blogreader. I stayed in the theme of celebration. Of course it crossed my mind to do a giveaway, but that would mean only one of you would benefit. That’s no fun, right? Why not share something you can all enjoy? So, I decided to share my cupcake sketch with you, so you can make your own festive canvas or card. Since all the places I know from the past, require you to sign up, I’m just going to share it here directly through my blog. Just click the image to get the original size and then right click the image and choose “save image as”. You’re free to use my design for your own artsy projects, but please don’t make profit of something you got for free. Private use only. Of course you’re welcome to gift your project to someone, but no transactions involved. And please, if you want to share, link to my blog. It’ll stay here as long as this blog stays on air, which will be for at least another five years.


A comment always adds to the pleasure of blogging. And if you happen to use this cupcake image, I would love to see the result. You can send me an email (I’ll make sure to reply!) or share and tag me on Instagram. My IG name is @mebearc

Another thunderstorm is coming over and it’s pretty close, so I better shut the computer down before the lightnet gets hit and my computer says boom. Poor Teddy is so much afraid. He’s been hiding behind and under the furniture. Poor kitty.

Happy craftings!!!!

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McMGrad89 said...

A very Merry Unbirthday to you!!!!! The cupcake is adorable. Enjoy your special day. -Annemarie