12 June 2017

Knights and Horses

Goodmorning to you all! It’s Monay again. I hope you had a nice weekend. Here’s a bunch of photos for you of a school event a couple of weeks ago. There were real knights and horses in the park down my apartement. So cool! When I heard what was going on downstairs, I grabbed my gear and hurried to see if it was true there were real horses involved. I mean, the park’s really not that large, so I doubted if real horses would even fit. It appeared all true. Knights and horses. And a monk called Quasimodo.


Here’s Quasimodo holding an apple. The kids could volunteer to do some quests with which they could win the title of shield-bearer. In this particular quest the kids needed to slice the apple with a real sword. They were all excellent shield-bearers to be.




Now the boys were batteling to become shield-bearer, but what about the girls? Was there something in there for them as well? Of course there was! What would a knight be without a true lady to be pleased and admired. There was a very delicate quest for them and only a true dame would pass the test. Quasimodo volunteered to show what the girls needed to do.


As a real lady, your hand will be kissed by a knight.


This knight hesitated a bit at first. This was not a real dame, even he could tell the difference, but Quasimodo persisted and got kissed.


And immediately fainted, because after all, that’s what real ladies do. Lots of drama for the girls with this quest. And one true dame was chosen to sit on the throne while the games between the knights began. She got to choose a fellow companion to sit by her side and the shield-bearer got to choose one companion to help him help the knights.


Meanwhile Quasimodo kept his unicorn company.

Let the games begin!


Both knights went to get their horses. It was a majestic entrance.


This is knight Red Roderick.


He did a fabulous job with the games.


And on the white horse there’s knight White Wilhelm.


Knight White Wilhelm is a fierce opponent for knight Red Roderick.


These games are not for wimps.


Red Roderick and his horse are full of spirit.


And White Wilhelm and his white horse are faster than the speed of light.


If there was a contest for the best looking horse it would have been a true competition. Both horses did their very best to score some bonus points here.


Both knights and both horses are in top condition and it’s a tight call.


So they need to battle each other.


Look at these lances splicing apart!


Beauty bonus points for the white horse.


When the games are finished, good Quasimodo takes care of the horses.


Both horses are equally beautiful.


But knight White Wilhelm is crowned winner of the games.


One last proud pose of the winning team and all can go home.

It was an amazing activity to watch. Because of the privacy of the kids involved (I don’t know their parents, so I can’t ask for permission) I choose not to publish the photos that have the kids as a main subject.

If your from the Netherlands or Belgium, here’s the link to the site of the organisation “Ridders op School”. They can be booked for all kinds of festivities, not nesecarrily for schools only.

Thanks for watching! This lady is going to make some art now. Bye!

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