16 April 2017

Happy Easter – Teddy’s Easter Photoshoot

Happy Easter to you all!


I did a photoshoot with Teddy for this special occasion. I’ve been gathering all kinds of fun props for the shoot. I even crocheted him some easter bunny ears, but he didn’t like them very much. I managed to shoot a couple of quick photos before releasing him from the bunny ears hat.


You can’t really blame me for trying, as it looked uber cute on him. When I do a photoshoot with Teddy, I always try to make it fun and playful for him, because I want him to enjoy it as much as I do. Plus the only way to have a chance at some decent photos is when he’s enjoying himself, because otherwise he starts playing his own game of how to avoid getting on the photo. But the most important reason is I don’t want to cause him any stress. So yes, I did try the bunny ears hat on him, but I took them back off pretty quickly.


The plastic easter eggs were big fun to him. He loved it when I started throwing some small ones into the wooden crate. It was a fun way to get his attention, both for him and me.


Or maybe he was looking for the real Easter bunny…


Teddy_Easter_04Also mine…


What’s a photoshoot without some bloopers, caused by Teddy goofing around. He sure looks like the most clever cat in the neighbourhood, don’t you think?



I hope you have a great day. Fun fact: over here it’s colder outside than it was at Christmas. So I’m staying inside and will watch a movie. It’s a great day for artsy crafty fun too.

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Connie Wallenbrock said...

I hopped on over from Miss Kate's FB page!! I love this photo shoot! OMG!! Teddy is adorable!! Thank you so much for sharing these!!