15 May 2017


Today I tried low key photography with my cat as a model. I love the possibilities with this technique and I have a thing for drama. I'm not a drama queen myself, but I love drama in music and visual art.

Shot with my Pentax K5-II and the Vivitar 1 series 105mm

F11, Iso 1600, 1/124 sec, natural light from the window at the side

This photo is part of a free photography workshop I’m doing at the moment, hosted by Else Kramer. If you like to take pictures and own anything to take pictures with, you can join. I’m not sure if the workshop is available in English too, but maybe you can use Google Translate to translate the mails for you. There’s also a Facebook group, where you can share the photos you made following the prompts. If you have questions, I’m sure people will help you there. The workshop is about looking differently at art. Every day you get a new prompt mailed to you. Every prompt is inspired by a famous piece of art. Today the inspiration came from this painting by Rembrandt.


So the prompt was to take a clair obscur photo, also known as low key photography. I’m so inspired. The possibilities are endless. Here are the photos I took.




I’m also working on a mixed media and art journal blogpost, so stay tuned!

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