20 February 2017

Valentine–Random Act of Kindness

Time goes so fast! I know, the perception of time depends on how you experience the things you’re doing while the clock ticks at it’s usual pace. When you’re bored senseless, time goes ever so slowly. If you’re waiting for a loved one to come home, time seems to hardly be moving at all. On the other hand, when you are having fun or have a lot on your plate, time goes so fast! Valentine’s Day is almost a week ago and I’m still working on some love themed projects. I have to admit, love is such an amazing feeling, I am happy to have found an excuse to put some love into my arts and crafts.


Like I mentioned in my previous blogpost, I don’t have a lover in my life. And even though I still wish and hope to find the right one, I decided the lack of a love life doesn’t have to stop me making Valentine’s Day into a great day. When I was doing the Christmas ornaments drop, it gave me so much joy. So I thought it would be a great idea to do another drop, but this time for Valentine’s Day. Because we all can use love in a world that seems to be dominated by hatred. Don’t be fooled by all the news of nothing but hate and violance and craziness. These things do happen. And they upset me too. But there’s also a lot of people in the world that share love and kindness. Surround yourself with likeminded people, so you can bundle your strength and encourage each other to never stop loving. If you are willing to look, you’ll find there is still a lot of love in the world.


I came up with my own plan of giving a bit of love to the people in my neighbourhood. Once again I made a batch of clay ornaments, hearts this time, and dropped them at different locations. Of course time went by too fast again and by the time I was ready to go outside, it was already getting dark. So, in stead of making packages and drop them at park benches and such, I decided  to hang the heart ornaments at well lit places. After a while, I figured out it would be even more fun to just hang them on bicycles when people were inside the gym or the grocery store, so they would find them when they came back to their bicycles to go home

Valentine_RAK_01   Valentine_RAK_02

Two of the hearts went to one of my nurses’ kids. They looked so happy when I gave them my gifts. The youngest had told his mum he wanted to get a Valentine’s gift from a girl, which I didn’t know. I know I’m a bit of an old girl for him, but he was happy nontheless. The next day, his mum told me he hung the heart above his bed. How cute’s that? The older boy overloaded me with gifts in return. He knows I love to play Pokémon Go and he’s been a collector of Pokémon gadgets for years. So he gave me a lot of fun stuff he had duplicates of. So he manged to turn it around, I got spoiled by a kid! It’s been the best Valentine in years.

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