10 March 2016

Spring Flowers

The macro extension tubes arrived! And it must have been my lucky day, because the weather was good. I found it quite difficult to work with the tubes. I didn’t expect I need to point my camera that close to the subject. I started in a local park, where at the moment are a lot of crocusses blooming. I must say, it was a little uncomfortable, leaning on my knees and elbows, trying to get a good focus. I had to come so close, that the picture wasn’t recognizable as a crocus. Still, I like the abstract result. I love how the droplets show. I used the tubes with the 50 mm lens, mentioned in my previous post.


Next I focussed at the stamens. Not a great photo, but look how much detail!


I removed the extension tubes and took a shot of a bunch of crocusses. I really like this lens and it’s bokeh!


A bit dissapointed about the extension tubes, I left the crocus park and thought I’d give op on macro for the day and headed to the beach. On my way I saw a garden center and thought maybe I could give the macro another try. This was a way better situation to shoot as the plants and flowers were on trays. Most of them even at eye level.



The extension tubes came in a set of three rings that could be used together or separated. I experimented a little with that. It was not on purpose, but all photos are shot at an aperture of F2, which gives a great deapth of field (a lot of blurr). I like it a lot!


Same flower, different focus point.


I think this was shot with just one tube between the lens and camera. Not tack sharp, but I like it anyway.


After all I did go to the beach and took some pictures, but I didn’t like them. I posted one in the Pentaxanian group at Facebook, to ask advice on how to make the photo’s look better. It appeared I had the settings on my camera all wrong. That’s why they all are at F2 (wide open). Today I went back to the beach to see if I was able to take some better shots, but the road through the dunes was under constructure and I was not able to pass the vehicles. Oh well, this is only the beginning of beautiful sun shining days, so I will get my chance eventually.

Thank you very much for stopping by! See you soon!

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