03 March 2016

50mm Try Out

Since today I’m taking photography to a whole new level. I bought a vintage 50mm F2 lens. Pentax has this advantage over other brands, which I think is incredible. It enables you to use very old Pentax lenses on the new dslr cameras. This is good news, because there are quite some old lenses still going around. I’ve never used anything other than the lens that came with the camera and a Sigma telezoom, so I’m coming out of my comfort zone. First of all, this is a prime lense. Meaning, you can’t zoom in and out to find your composition. It is what it is. Use your legs to step any closer or farther away. Second, no auto focus. Darn! Did I get used to that “press the shutter button half and your focus is sharp”. Not with this lens. It all comes to my own eyes. Good thing I wear good glasses these days. And then there is this: a F2 aperture, which creates a grand depth of field (sharp object with nice blurry background). No wonder the reviews of this lens are so good! Now you probably think I’m a big spender, since this lens is so good, but trust me, dinner for one at McD’s is more expensive. Enough with the words, let’s show some pictures. Please keep in mind these are only my first try on this lense (but I love it already!).






funny-araThis ara was making silly faces. I thought it was too funny not to include.

More fun tomorrow, as I also ordered some extension tubes, that enable me to take macros with this lens.


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Anonymous said...

Nice images Monica. Keep up the good work. Peter F. See you on FaceBook.