27 March 2016

A Bear In Springtime

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done some scrapbooking, apart from the December Daily which was never finished (again). Today I can show you a project I did finish. It’s called “A Bear in Springtime”.


The idea came from a tiny bear someone handmade, together with a new lens for my camera: playtime!


At first it was just a funny photo project on it’s own. I took the little bear with me, while I went out photographing some spring flowers.


It was fun to come up with different compositions that featured the bear.



From photos with flowers I took the challenge to the next level: the beach. I didn’t bring anything but the bear with me, so I positioned it in the sand.


Another day I went back to the beach, but brought some additional stuff with me. I knew exactly what I wanted.


Having all these fun photos, I decided to make a mini album. It was great project!


I also made a video, showing the album. Have a look!

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MiSchra said...

Such wonderful vibrant colors you're using! Love your blog
Michelle ♥