26 December 2017

Top 2000 Blog Party – Day 2

Hello art lovers! Yesterday I was at my bestie’s celebrating Christmas with pancakes. Best Christmas tradition ever! Because I stayed there until way too late, I didn’t have time to prepare for today’s Blog Party. You’d think with so much work on your scedule, you’d make sure to not waste any time. Well, that would be true if you weren’t me. I stayed in bed way too long, played games on my phone, went grocery shopping (okay, that one’s a necessity). So I managed to do this one page, but right now it’s past 10 PM and I have to prepare for tomorrow. This chaotic mind of mine doesn’t really work for me. However, I have tons of fun making art while listening to the radio.


#1656 Nina Hagen – Unbeschreiblich Weiblich

And my mind may be very chaotic, it’s also quite creative. Look what sollution I came up with when I wanted to add ink splatters to my page. I took my art journal to the bathroom, layed it on the floor, did the messy splattering and afterwards it took me less than a minute to rinse the ink off the floor.


Now back to making more art!

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