26 October 2016

Gelli Printed Art Journal Flip Through


Hi all! I’m sorry it’s been a while. My laptop was running so slow, it was hardly working. I did try to find a good app, so I could write my blog from my iPad, but unfortunately the only good app that ever existed, ceized to be. I could really do with a new computer, but I had to choose. A new laptop or a new bed. And since my bed is very old and I’m dealing with chronic pain, I really need that new bed. My bestie and I talked everything through and a new idea was born. What if he installed an SSD in my old laptop. It was worth the try. And so he did. Tonight I’m bussy installing all the software I need and boy does this SSD make a difference! My laptop starts within 12 seconds. I hit the on button, take a deep breath and my computer is ready to go. That fast! I’m doing a little happy dance here!

Processed with Snapseed.

So, finally, I am able to share the video I made. Some of you may already have seen it, since I was able to upload it from my iPad, but I just wasn’t able to share it through my blog yet. I’m still very new to making and editing videos, so please have a little patience while I’m trying to improve. It’s already been watched by nearly 400 people, which makes me very happy and proud. Since I’m all new to this, I could use a little help. If you like my videos (yes, I made a few), please hit the thumbs up button below the video. This helps to let YouTube know you like my videos, which makes that YouTube will suggest my videos to other people who might be interested. Also, if you subscribe to my channel, you will know when I uploaded a new video. I would be very grateful if you would share my video with someone who will enjoy the content.

Enough said. Let’s watch the video.

If you have any suggestions or request for future videos, please let me know!

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