29 December 2018

Memory – Top 2000 Blog Party – Day 4

I’m late! Completely following my personal style. Le sigh. Yesterday I managed it just in time. Today I didn’t. I have to admit, I was in big doubt weather I wanted to do a page today at all. Hence the delayed time I started drawing and painting. I felt so tired at 7:30 PM, I seriously debated weather to call it a day and go to bed. Apparently all I needed was a cup of hot chocolate.

Today I chose the song “Memory” by Barbara Streisand. It made me think of the musical cats, which isn’t too weird since that’s where the song originates. I remember how the old cat sang the song and even though I haven’t seen the (movie of) the musical for a very long time, this song stills brings me in tears.

So I started with a drawing of a sad old cat.

After scanning, digitalising and printing the cat, I painted a night scene. Of course it had to have a big moon. I glued the cat image to the page and wrote down part of the lyrics.


I have to admit, this isn’t my best page. I do like the sad cat though. I think I would’ve liked it better when the cat was closer by. Speaking photography terms, I think it would have been better if the whole scene was more zoomed in. Can’t change that now, so I call it done.

Tomorrow a new page. Or so I think.

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