30 December 2017

Top 2000 Blog Party – Day 6

Perfect timing. The minute I’m writing this blogpost, the radio plays the song this artwork is all about. The great Sinéad O’Connor and her epic song “Troy”. So without further ado, here’s a tribute to my hero!


#260  Sinéad O’Connor – Troy

It was a tremendous lot of work and a very ambitios challenge to do this lino carving all in one day, but I managed. Yay me! That is, if I hit the upload button right now. Bye!!!

Edit: okay, maybe a few BTS pictures?


Teddy taking over my workspace


The sketch transfered onto the linoleum


The aftermath… I spent two hours cleaning up my table prior to today’s art session. Looks like I can start anew tomorrow.

Okay, that’s really it for today. Teddy’s been complaining about a rumbly in his tumbly (yes, Pooh refference) and I can do with a late night yoghurt as well. Besides, it’s time to go to bed. For a change I might try to be in bed before 3 AM.

I’ll be back tomorrow for the last day of the Top 2000 Blog Party, but I don’t know what time that will be. So if I don’t speak to you before old turning to new, I wish you a happy New Year’s Eve. Stay safe and enjoy whatever you’re going to do. For me it’s going to be home alone with Teddy (so not really alone), watching comedy on telly and hopefully making some good pictures of the fireworks once the clock strikes 12.

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