19 May 2017

Tomato Tomato

It’s day 5 of the free online photography workshop I’m taking, hosted by Else Kramer. Today it’s all about making contrast by using complementary colours. One of the famous painters had an exeptional eye for complementary colours. Of course I’m talking about Vincent van Gogh.

Basicly you take the colourwheel and every colour on one side, has a colour on the exact opposite side. Those two are complementary colours to each other. If you narrow this down to the primary and secundary colours, there are the following three combinations: red-green, yellow-purple, blue-orange. In this painting by Vincent van Gogh  you can see how well his combination of orange and blue works.


I love the vibrant colours Vincent van Gogh used in his paintings. Hey what can I say? I really love bright colours! So I went with a subject that also had bright colours and made sure it would really pop.

Usually I start with a subject that's given to me, like something I see in the park or an event I'm visiting. This class teaches me to really think about a photo, because now I'm going for a certain look. In this case, I'd never have thought the tomato would need a blue background to really make it pop.


Techinical info for those who like to know:
Pentax K5-II, Vivitar1 105mm macro
settings: Iso 200; 1/20 sec; F8 (I think? Geez, I really have to start writing this stuff down when I shoot, I changed the aperture after this shot, so I can't check it).

Tomorrow will be the final day of this uber fun class. Awww… I’m sure there’ll be more fun things to come on my path. Also, I have this bunch of art journal related stuff I’ve been promising to share with you, so don’t forget to check for new updates!

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