10 January 2017

An After Christmas Party

Ho Ho Ho!!! I know, most of you are happy the holidays are over and life has gone back to normal, but if I promise this post is loaded with cuteness, will that be enough to keep you here and have a look at the photos I took? I can tell you, it took a lot of effort, because Teddy isn’t the most cooperative cat model. I actually had to bribe him with treats to keep him remotely interested. He’ll do anything for food.


Nontheless this photoshoot was a lot of fun! And I was able to make it fun for Teddy as well. At least, I think so.


And finally he got curious about all the decorations I spread on the bed. This was what I was hoping for.


But, still not being an adult cat –he’s a junior now- his focus is gone within a second. I had to try and do find everything possible to even keep him on the bed. It’s like he knows when I want him to stay at a specific spot. He’ll only do this when he picks his own, different spot. He likes to tease me by not staying where I want him to, until he sees the camera.


After all this curiosity and being naughty and having his belly full of all the extra treats (he doesn’t realise it’s just his regular food and I give him a little less his next meal, the joke’s on him), he started grooming himself, which resulted in this yoga pose. I thought it was quite funny. Like he was saying: “you can kiss my ass!”


In my preperation of this photoshoot I looked for ideas on Pinterest and found so many cute photos of cats wearing Christmas hats, so I just had to try, although I assumed he wouldn’t allow me. I was right about that. He didn’t even let me put the thing on his little head, let alone take a shot of him with the hat on. I started playing with the cotton ball at the end, to keep his curiosity and hopefully he would let me put the hat on afterwards. No chance of course, but I ended with this shot of him looking very naughty. Priceless memory.


I had a little playtime with that last shot and Rhonna Farrer’s photo editing apps on my iPhone and turned the shot above into a digital Christmas Card, which I shared on social media.


I went quite overboard with buying Christmas props, so on Christmas Day I tried to have Teddy pose with my antlers headband. It had been on a shelf in my art room for several weeks and he already showed a lot of interest in it, trying to climb on the shelves to get that funny thing with jingly bells. So when I took it off the shelf and let him examine it (lots of sniffing), he was very curious. I didn’t have a lot of time as I had a Christmas date with my bestie, so I didn’t take my DSLR to shoot the photos, but just used my iPhone camera, which, under the right conditions, can make good photos too. Also, in this case, the iPhone was easier to handle, as I had to hold the antlers too, while shooting.


After sniffing, came tasting. Hmmm…nice texture.


The antlers were way to big to even try and put on his head, which he wouldn’t have let me anyway, so this shot is as close as I came to having a photo of Teddy with antlers.


Of course I took some crazy selfies of myself and the antlers too (even with a glowing nose), but they’re too embarrassing to show here. If you are really interested in seeing some of my crazy selfies (I have several), you can visit my Facebook account. It’s an open account, so you don’t need to friend me to see me and my silly selfies. For me Facebook started as more of a personal social media account, where I knew everyone I was friends with and I used to write about funny, but embarrassing stories and complain about everything that bothered me enough to share. My account has changed since then and I’m now also friends with people I don’t know in real life, but share a passion with (like arts and crafts) and I try not to complain (that much) anymore. Still it’s the only platform where I share some stuff about my personal life. On Instagram I keep to only sharing my homemade art and photography and every once in a while I post a cute photo or video of Teddy. If you want to keep track of the things I create, this blog is the best place to visit as I will always go into more details about projects here (like the steps it took me to get to the final result, or more than just one photo of a shoot).

I have plans to overhaul the blog a bit. Some parts are outdated and there are some dead links in the bar on the right I need to remove. Also, I’m trying to learn how to get my blog back to something people like to visit and interact through comments. It seems social media has taken over a great deal of blogging and although I like social media a lot, I’ve always loved to write my blogposts and connect with other bloggers. So, if any of you bloggers out there have any advice for me or just want to connect, I’d be thrilled! Leave your comment in the comment section below, or send me an email (address top right).

Happy everything and hope to see you back soon!!!

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