31 December 2016

Pink Floyd and Queen – Top 2000 Blog Party

There we go. This is my last blogpost for 2016. Outside there’s already quite some fireworks and my Teddy, my eight month cat, has reached the point where he doesn’t like the banging anymore. He’s hiding under my bed or under the couch. Poor little thing. It will get so much louder than this.

With the last day of the year, we have also come to the last day of the Top 2000 series on the radio and thus this is also the final day of Marit’s Top 2000 Blog Party. A little sad on one side, but on the other side, I’ve been so bussy those last couple of months, it would be good for body and mind to take it a little slower. Although I had planned to make a December Memories Album (in stead of a December Daily, which I tried two times and failed both years). I have taken tons of photos, but I haven’t touched my scrapbook supplies at all yet. And I know if I don’t start it soon, it will be another December soon and another project failed. So, maybe january will be for massive photo editing, so I can have all the pictures printed.

Back to the Top 2000 Blog Party. I had a lot of trouble finding a song that I could work out into an art piece. These top of the list songs are all very beautiful and a lot about love and life. Not the topics that I find easy to translate into image. Finally I made my choice for Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. I carved a diamond stamp and with that I, at least, managed to carve one stamp for the #carvedecember event on Instagram. The picture doesn’t show it very well, but the blue paint on the diamond has real sparkles, just like the blue washi tape and the golden harlequin shapes I added with a stencil by The Crafters Workshop.


20: Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd (31st December 2016, 9:45 PM)


And this one, you might have seen before, if you are a regular visitor of my blog. I made this about a year ago, but never submitted it for the Top 2000 Blog Party, so I thought I might as well add it now. The background was made following the techniques in Kate Crane’s DVD’s. The collage elements are from Tumble Fish Studios.


171: The Show Must Go On – Queen (31st December 2016, 7:30 AM)



I’m going to wish you a splendid New Year’s Eve (if you haven’t already entered 2017) and have a happy, healthy and artful 2017!!!!

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