28 December 2016

Jesus He Knows Me – Top 2000 Blog Party

It’s another day for the Top 2000. I’m enjoying to hear all those songs radio stations hardly every play in their regular shows. Many of my favourites have already been played and I’m looking forward to some other. Again, I’ve made an art journal page to one of the songs. This is not necesarry my most favourite song. I just looked at the list if I could find a song that I could translate into an art piece. What I do like about this Genesis song, is that it’s about fake religion. I know at the time it was a lot about those telly preachers that earned way too much money for the job they did and how most of them were pure hypocrits. This was a time when in my country we didn’t have those television preachers (yet), but I had seen some documentary kind of things and thought it was appalling. However, if I translate the song a little, I can really find myself in it, being exposed to a life in which G_d and religion was abused by itself. A life I don’t like to talk about and to be honest, I think it would shock you too much, which I don’t want to happen. Perhaps one day I will be ready to tell my story, but I promiss, it won’t be on this blog. I like to keep it light here.

So, here’s to day 5 already. Time goes way to quickly!


817: Jesus He Knows Me – Genesis (29th December 2016, 3:17 AM)


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